Tony Paoletta

The Palm Springs Area’s #1 Real Estate Team 2016 | 2017 | 2018

Tony Paoletta lives and works in the Palm Springs area displaying a passion for helping people of all walks of life.

Born and raised in Texas, he traveled west in 1988 and relocated to the beautiful San Fernando Valley. In 1999, Tony moved to the magnificent Palm Springs area where he opened an insurance agency.

He transitioned to the wonderful world of real estate in 2012 and has since worked with some of the most successful real estate teams in the Coachella Valley.

In 2018, Tony was introduced to Brad Schmett and his phenomenal team and is currently serving as a Marketing Specialist for the Palm Springs Area’s #1 Real Estate Team.

Tony enjoys time with his two sons and is a huge fan of baseball – all levels! His other favorite pastimes include listening to music, playing cards and a good game of chess.


Tony in a Nutshell

  • Dream Dessert: Warmed apple pie with vanilla ice cream
  • Best Concert Ever Been To: Desert Trip 2016
  • Favorite Community or Neighborhood: Brava, Palm Desert
  • Favorite Season: Winter, I prefer cool and dry
  • If You Were A Candy Bar, Which Would It Be?: Nestle $100,000 Bar, DUH!
  • First record, tape or CD that you ever owned: Beatles, Let it be
  • Favorite Place to Dine Out: Souplantation
  • What Could You Not Live Without: Music
  • What Skill Would You Like To Learn: Surgery
  • What Game Show Would You Be Awesome At: The $100,000 pyramid

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