Bob Rahl

The Palm Springs Area’s #1 Real Estate Team

Born in New Jersey, Bob attended Western Washington University with a major in technology and business. With his knowledge, Bob designed fiberglass industrial equipment and became Marketing Director for a large engineering company. This led to lectures at Purdue University, the University of Illinois and Western Washington University.

Moving to the West Coast, Bob came to Palm Springs to help found a property management company. His exceptional service led to his clients asking him to assist them with all their real estate needs which launched his career in this field.

Bob has a passion for bringing properties together with their rightful owners. As he was just starting his new career in the real estate field, he completed his first transaction in three days. His people skills make him the clear choice to work with because he creates lifestyles. Giving back to his community, Bob volunteers at local charity events and lends a helping hand to those in need.


Bob in a Nutshell

  • Dream Dessert: My favorite cake is Chocolate Raspberry  / My favorite pie is Mom’s Apple Pie – not kidding. 
  • Best Concert Ever Been To: Elton John. 
  • Favorite Community or Neighborhood: Chelsea, NYC /  South Ridge, Palm Springs.
  • Favorite Season: Summer, I love being in the outdoors and feeling the warmth of the sun on my face. 
  • If You Were A Candy Bar, Which Would It Be?: Snickers…nutty, sweet, and good for you. 
  • First record, tape or CD that you ever owned: Bee Gee’s
  • Favorite Place to Dine Out: Spencer’s 
  • What Could You Not Live Without: My Smart Phone
  • What Skill Would You Like To Learn: Play Piano  
  • What Game Show Would You Be Awesome At: Hollywood Squares

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